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How to Build Math Fact Fluency

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

We surveyed 100 teachers and asked "What's the best way to build math fluency?" Survey said...STOP USING FLASHCARDS!


This school year I have been teaching first grade 100% virtually. I have come to realize that some math activities just need need to be left in 2019.

Don't get me wrong, flashcards are great for reviewing math facts. They are also useful as quick progress monitoring tools when assessing interventions.

However, flashcards are not necessarily the most engaging activity for children, especially in the virtual environment.

When thinking about video chat platforms such as Google Meet and Zoom, poor camera quality, those awkward delays, and the infamous mute button add to the complexity of using flashcards in the virtual setting.


So, what's the solution?


Board games have always been my key to engagement and I've finally discovered a way to bring my ole faithful to the virtual world :)

Now that we're drawing closer to the 3rd quarter, it's time for students to hone in on their fluency skills and here's an engaging way to to it.

I call this one the Addition Trail Virtual Board's the best I could do hahaha. Don't worry, the game is more exciting than the name.

Here's what you need:

  • Addition Trail Virtual Board Game

  • (1) Virtual Die - Type 'virtual dice' into the Google Chrome search engine

Here's how to play:

  1. Assign the students their game piece according to when they entered the video call

  2. Explain to students that you will roll a virtual die fore each player when it's there turn

  3. The number on the die will be the number of spaces the player can move IF they answer the expression on the space correctly

  4. If the player does not answer correctly, they will not be able to move their game piece

Once you have told the students the instructions for how to play, share the Jamboard link with them in the chat box. Students will not be able to see the virtual die once they are in the Jamboard, they will only see the Jamboard.



I recommend using the laser tool while in the Jamboard to direct students where to move their game piece and which expressions to answer.

One last recommendation...when a student provides an incorrect answer, encourage them to use math strategies such as counting on and a number line to help them find the correct answer.


Ready to start playing?

Grab this engaging game by clicking the image below.

*This resource is for educational use only. The Addition Trail Virtual Board Game is the property of Diamond Griffin of Miss D. Gunn, LLC. Every page in this file is protected through copyright. All rights reserved. Selling, modifying or claiming this resource as ones own is strictly prohibited.*


Want an editable template of this activity?

Click the image below :)

Leave a comment and tell me how you're loving the virtual board game after you give it a whirl ;)


Miss D. Gunn
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