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A Bit About Me!

My name is Diamond Gunn. I am a primary teacher whose taught first grade for five years, in a variety of settings. I have been a math interventionist for students is grades K-5 and returned to the classroom as a kindergarten teacher in 2020. Initially, I decided to create this space for parents so they could support their children at home. Then, I realized that first year teachers, teachers new to primary, and teachers who are returning to  the classroom could benefit from this support as well. 


Every year I hear "Math isn't like how it was when I was in school". And you know what...those families are correctMath isn't taught the same way it many ever years ago when they were learning. That's why I've decided to teach parents and teachers the way it's being taught present dayI hope the information I provide you with is empowering and you're able to confidently support the learners in your life! Again thank you for your support and subscribe for post updates.


Diamond G.

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