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Visiting London for the First Time

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Are you planning to visit the city of London for the first time? This post will prepare you for what to expect upon arrival to London Town as well as my initial reaction as a small town American who eventually found her way in this big city.

My Initial Reaction

Every year London Heathrow Airport welcomes 80 million travellers, during October 2020 I was lucky enough to be in that number. When I first explored London it instantly reminded me of New York City...and I hated it!

You're probably like "How can you not love London?!?" well I'll tell you. I'm not a fan of busy cities with crowded streets (with exception to Chicago). London is a massive city with 32 boroughs.

The layout of London is also not as first-timer friendly as you would think since those boroughs are so spread out. This forces you to get an Uber, hail a cab, or take the 'tube' or subway as we would call it in America which is very confusing if it's your first time in the city.

Side Note: The tube is actually the most cost-efficient and fast way to get around London but if you are new I recommend that you try it on a day where you have time to possibly get lost.

Change of Heart

However, due to appointments, friends, and train connections I found myself in London more than I ever wanted to be initially and slowly the Big Smoke began to grow on me. I became familiar with the different boroughs and how to navigate the Underground aka the 'tube' and I found the places that were "a bit of me" as the Brits would say.

One of the top to get my approval was the one you see pictured here, #CamdenTown!

Standing under sign painted on railway bridge in CamdenTown, London
Standing in the middle of the famous Camden Lock Sign
Let's Talk Camden

It's a grudge, alternative atmosphere housing some of the best food I've eaten in London in a place called the West Yard. There are hundreds of small businesses lining the streets and inside the marketplace called #camdenmarket.

Pink donut with rainbow sprinkles from Camden Doughnuts
Camden Doughnuts are a staple

As you walk down the street you are sure to find interesting individuals and even more interesting building decor. Heading towards Camden Lock I ran into the famous bridge punks bring the streets to life!

They blast loud music, dance, and charge £1 for a photograph to go towards their "Help a Punk Get Drunk" lifestyle. To say the teenager inside of me was happy is an understatement.

Shirtless man with spiked hair in Camden Town holding guitar
One of the iconic punks in Camden Market

Time to Get Packing

I'm glad I found this part of London because it gave me a new perspective of the city and also inspired me to help others like you, who are preparing to come to the UK for the first time.

I've created a first-time friendly travel guide to West London that will eliminate the stress of planning where to stay, what to eat, and what to do when you get to London. This travel guide is interactive, allowing you to click the names of the businesses and go directly to their sites to make a booking. Best of all it's completely FREE!

If you are heading to London soon or know someone who is, share this post with them and click here to grab my exclusive travel guide for FREE.

This is the first of many travel guides that will help you enjoy the UK without the stress of research and planning...all you have to do is get packing!


Diamond G.

Free Travel Guide Here!

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