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Teaching True or False Equations in 1st Grade

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

A simple lesson to teach learners about the equal sign and how to determine if the numbers on both sides are the same amount. Watch the video below for visual explanation of this engaging activity.

The equal sign! This is my favorite skill to teach because there are so many different ways you can reinforce this sill. For today's mini lesson I am showing you one way to practice this skill in the most basic form. Read below for a sample script of what to say as you practice with your learner.

Skill Level:

  • Level 1


  • Index cards or whiteboard

  • Playdough, cotton balls, or any objects you have an abundance of


  1. Write an expression that has a whole number ONLY on both sides of the equal sign

  2. Say "Let's practice determining if these equations are true or false. True means both sides have the same amount and false means both sides do not have the same amount."

  3. Allow your learner time to build both number, assist as needed

  4. Once your learner is finished building say "Do both sides have the same amount? So is this equation true?

  5. If the equation you provided is true say "This equation is true so it is equal"

  6. If the equation you provided is false say "This equation is false so it is not equal"

Give this activity a try and let me know how it went for you. Be sure to share pictures with me on Instagram or Facebook @MissDGunn


Miss D. Gunn
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