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Virtual Field Trips

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

OMG these are the best way to go exploring without leaving your home or classroom! Here are the top two ways to use this amazingly fun resources.

Parents, in this video I talk mostly to teachers but since COVID-19 I view you as a teacher as well. Here's how you can use this resource at home...

  1. Watch all of the videos before you share them with your child. To make this resource more engaging, I encourage you to only view one video per day with your child so that it does not become overwhelming

  2. Pick which video you want to show for the day and ask your child questions to see what they know about the main topic before watching the video. Tip: It would be great to write down their answers (do not correct them if they are wrong just write)

  3. Watch the video with your child and pause at moments that relate to your questions and just say "Wow that's kind of like our question" or "Hmm that's really close to the answer you gave me"

  4. After watching the video, ask your what was their favorite part! Have a conversation about your favorite part then revisit the question. Have a discussion about your child's answers. If they were wrong it's okay, don't point it out initially...see if your child is going to make the connection.

The actual version of this resource can be found here for $3! Grab your family adventure.

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