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I help international visitors and current residents see the beauty of  Britain by highlighting cities and local attractions that are usually not at the top of their itinerary when planning a trip to the United Kingdom.

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Travel Content

Experience the life and culture of Great Britain through the eyes of an American. Discover places to visit, eat, and stay across the U.K. 

Expat Essentials

Everything you need while living or visiting abroad. As an expat these products and services have been the glue that keeps my life together. 

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Affordable mobile sim that keeps me connected while living abroad. Get your free sim card before you travel.

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My trusted bank since moving to England. Instantly convert USD to any currency for bills, meals, and thrills.

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Amazon Store

All of the products that make my daily life, travel, and content creation run smoothly! 

Would you like to connect your business to my community of international travellers & current U.K. residents?

Guide to London

Are you planning a trip to London soon but don't know where to begin?

Grab my free London guide to get started.

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I'm waiting to work with you! Click below to message me directly. 

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